Kristina II – Luxury Yacht Charters

About Us

We are anchored in the beautiful bay in front of Kuah town, which is the main commercial centre of Langkawi island. Langkawi actually consists of 99 islands and we want to help you explore some of them. We will take you to hidden coves and beaches away from all the crowds to explore and admire with just your friends or family.

Along the way we will slow down for those who wish to hop in the net for our Ocean Jacuzzi experience. Later we will anchor in a secluded bay. Here we can play “Ocean Golf”, swim, try the high jumps, paddle the kayaks to the beach or be taken by dingy to the beach. Our famous roast NZ lamb and chicken with salads and fresh baked African breads will be served and our free flow cool drinks, beer and wine available throughout your cruise.

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Jacuzzi Net

A great way to cool off and relax.

High Jump & Swimming

Try the 3 meter or if you dare the 5.2 meter


Paddle to our private beach. Only accessible from the sea.

Beach Visits & Jungle Trek

Take the dingy to our private beach only accessible from the